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Luggage 'Lashing Eyes' in boot

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Hello everyone,

Recently changed my X1 xDrive 2.0 Sport for an Active Tourer 220i M Sport, which unfortunately has no luggage Lashing Eyes. I think they may be fitted to the Luxury Trim version.My X1 did have them.

When I approached BMW UK, they informed me that to look up the appropriate Part Numbers for ordering (so I can have them retrofitted) they need a VIN.

When I supplied my VIN, that didn't work because on my model, the parts weren't factory fitted.

There are holes in the boot trim and bodywork, in the correct places, but they are currently filled with plastic blanking inserts.

Anyone out there any suggestions , or if you've got them fitted on your model, could you email me your VIN so I could use it in attempt to source the part numbers.

If you're worried about disclosing your VIN, don't be, remember its visible through your windscreen whenever you park your car.

If you can help it'll be much appreciated.

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Morning Ian

Welcome to the Forum

BMW had a Parts Number website and a Technical Information website which for folks like us and independent Garages was a great help as we could find correct part numbers and see what was involved in fitting them. Then in 2019 BMW decided to take down the Technical Information Site and make it Dealer access only the parts website they haven't taken down but the also haven't updated it since 2019 ??? Hey Ho 

Having said that www.realoem.com is still a massive help I just had a quick look (manual search) and have a part number 51477271174. You can check for yourself Google realoem then either try your Vin in the search box (may not be recognised as the site stops at 2019) or as I did search manually I used F45 Active tourer and searched the Trim section if you double click the Part number you will see a list of other models that it fits or you could use.

Then as BMW have been so helpful ?? Look for the best price, don't ignore the local Dealer they are sometimes competitive on price 

I hope this helps


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Morning Dave

Thanks so much for the helpful advice.

I've searched that site - very useful. Unfortunately the position and type of the front mounting has changed since the F45 model.

Why BMW structured their software search engines in this way surprises me. Yes if you use a specific VIN then you should get the part you require, but it doesn't cope with searches like mine.

I suppose like all things it comes down to cost. A more universal search engine would require more complex programming and data management.

Such is life.

To be fair to the Main Dealers and BMW UK, they were all apologetic, and I think a little embarassed that the system wouldn't let them help me.


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Hi Ian 

Shame it didn't help

I think with BMW it has less to do with cost and far more to do with control. I am told that some of the newer models (such as yours) have to be connected to the Dealers diagnostics which in turn are linked to Munich even Dealers have to book a slot. It may be interesting when the USA market challenge "restricted access" it's almost undoubtable they will 

Good Luck with the hunt


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Hi Dave,

I've now spent some time checking out realoem.com and the lashing eyes on older active tourers and X1s seem to be identical. I think the variation in the front lashing eyes only seems to occur if a high (i.e. from the top of the rear seats to the roof) luggage net is used.

So I'm going to order just 2 eyes and see if they will work. Your Part number does occur on various other models.

I'll let you know if I'm successful, in due course.

Once again thanks for the help.

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Morning Ian

In realoem double click the part number and it should show a list of all models that it was used in/on It will also show any alternate part numbers

Fingers crossed


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