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E46 Temperamental Starting


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This is a weird one. In the winter months (UK) I use a weather cover on my E46(2006), more to protect the soft top over the winter months than anything else. The cover isnt fully waterproof.

Recently I have noticed that when I take the cover off, the car refuses to even crank over. Clock is on, radio ok, no discharge warning, nothing that would lead me to suspect a battery problem.

When I then leave the car for 1 hour it cranks over no problem. Almost as if humidity or moisture somewhere is the cause but once the cover is off this clears. 

Other info, there is no damp or water ingress in the boot/trunk areas, all battery terminals are clean and tight. Ive checked key fob etc - tried two different keys etc., all good.

Can anyone shed any light on this?   

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Thanks Dave, you are so right about the proper BMW bit. It could well be with the sticking relay as I can hear it clicking when I press the start button but nowt happens. Certainly obvious after damp conditions. I'll look the relay piece up see where I get to and if a mere novice can change that out for a new one.



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On 2/23/2024 at 8:01 AM, Greydog said:

Morning Paul

It wouldn't be a proper BMW if it didn't act weird now and then. First thought sticking starter relay ?


Hi Dave, after looking through the various fuse and relay diagrams and notations for E63/E64 (2006), there does not appear to be a specific ignition relay mentioned. I am then assuming it is coupled with something else. Can you shed any light on relay location please and what it is most likely called ?

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OK, further installment. Many thanks to Greydog for the input. Non cranking has been getting worse and I ordered the BMW part to replace the defective relay as noted above. It was located exactly where you said it was but.......

When you open the flap to access the fuses box area at the back of the glove box you first need to lift out the raised plate that sits on the glove box tray to the rear of the glove box. This allows said flap to fully lower. I had a little play and found a press/pull up slat on the back side of said plate, located exactly in the middle. This releases the plate and allows the fuse box flap to lower fully providing access.

Changing the relays is just a pull out/press in fitting. There are two lugs on the sides of the relay, one lower and one higher, which correspond to the guides in the fuse box itself so you cant put it in the wrong way around. Typical BMW...........

Car started straight away and I am hoping that is the matter sorted. A £16.85 fix and a bit of research to boot. This really is a very good forum to be part of.       

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