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Big vibration through the front of car and steering wheel,I changed the transfer case mount and fluid and still got the vibration , I’ve removed the transfer box fuse and the vibration goes , does this point to the transfer box ?also I’ve noticed a front drivers side engine mount looks worn, any ideas….https://youtube.com/shorts/pIQwXqB9EqY?si=gKqU2SO1lr5LeVU5

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Morning Aaron

First thing check the tyres are all correct and the same wear rate. Put the car in reverse and find somewhere you can reverse on full lock any jerking in reverse is a sign of Transfer Case issues caused mostly by mismatched tyres.

Check the spline on the front drive shaft there were issues with these wearing and jumping though I thought this was fixed with the E70 on models. Obvious things like Wheels, Tyres, Drive Shafts (have known a drive shaft to pop that hadn't been fully seated fully) Wheel Bearings OK

Engine mounts normally give other symptoms and noises vibration at tick over erratic tick over 

Good Luck keep us posted


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The vibration goes when fuse is removed for the transfer case and when reversing with steering locked left/right there isn’t any vibration, also it has only rear drive when fuse removed from transfer case, this must point something from the front of the transfer box onwards or front of engine 


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Update on the vibration …
I’ve removed the front propshaft that goes to the front differential and vibration has gone.. does this mean it was the front propshaft that is faulty? Did this get bent when it come loose and went through my oil sump? There is loads of play on the joint on the spline end of the propshaft


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