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Losing Coolant

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Hi all, it looks like I am losing coolant,slowly from somewhere, but not obvious. Only clue has been that I am seeing the reservoir level slowly reduce so am adding coolant more frequently. Im interested to learn if there are there any favourite places to look on the 650i that may yield some clues or is the reservoir cap a potential area of concern, i.e. cap needs replacing every so often.

Any advice gratefully received.   

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As an add on, it looks like Ive got some visible scaling onthe floor pan , visible from the top of the engine down through the belts. This might be an indication of a bottom hose on way out. Will advise if I find out more, will also take some pics.  

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Hi Greydog, well it seems that the water pump may be the culprit. Looks like I have a weeping from the front of the pump on to a lower hose and the floor pan. Im suspecting a  gasket has gone so hopefully just a gasket replace but will report back. Any other thoughts welcome as cant get pics from above will need to go from below to get pics. Chances of water pump being U/S?

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Hi Paul

Could be gasket or could be the shaft seals, As the pump has to come off I would change it as a precaution a water pump and coolant is only about £150 maybe change the thermostat to

Just my thoughts


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