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First car working on

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Hi guys thanks for taking the time to read my add.

I have a f10 se d, what seems to have a faulty what my mechanic is struggling with he has had my car since the 26th Sept. It's now the 19th oct.

A brief intro to the problem, I was driving home from work I came to a roundabout I geared down from 4th to 3rd as I released the clutch the engine sputtered the the car cut out. it came up with RDA monitor failure. I clicked the car on and of about 6 times and the error didn't come on it started and drove fine. drove round the corner it happened again, same process, but I turned off dsc it got me home fine but the next day, same again. RDA monitor failure plz check Tyre pressure. So took it to garage. It's still there!!! he put it on the back burner for ages before investigating he has had the ECU checked it's fine. I had a huge row with him over time my car was left. His wife said (only comms now is through her) he now needs to check all the cars wiring she stayed. I'm guessing he isn't gonna fix it so I will end up with it on my drive soon even though I've never even changed a wheel I will try and fix it myself I have no other choice. The codes what came up are. 

B7f68c fault in transmission position shift point display CAN message.

Tyre Pressure Monitor 

D35557 no message drive one wheel torque DSC transmitter engine ECU.

D3556D no message drive wheel 3 torque, DSC transmitter engine ECU.

D35744 no message data drive train 2 (id 0x 3F9) DSC transmitter engine ECU.

D358E1 no message, (crankshaft torque 1 id ox0A5) DSC transmitter engine ECU.

D35B3F message (wheel torque engine 5 id 40.3.4)DSC transmitter engine ECU.

Footwell Module 

E58511 no message (power management 0x 3b3) 

Receiver FRM, transmitter engine ECU.


Electronic immobilizer


(CAS/EWS) drive train

 2 data 230.0.2

Incorrect receiver 2, transmitter engine ECU. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Neal 




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Hi Neal

Welcome to the Forum

First suggestion get your car moved to a decent garage 

At a guess the FRM is toast and needs changing BMW will claim only they can do it which of course is rubbish you need to find an FRM unit with the same part number as yours then swap them. You will get a tamper dot beside the cars Mileage until you register the new FRM to your car/chassis a good garage who has a BMW friendly diagnostic scanner should be capable


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