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Angel eye install…. Stupid glue!


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Hi all… basically the glue on the headlights is not shifting. I have fired a heat gun enough to melt the light fitting and tried to bake it…. Just cooked the light…. 

anyone got a solution to split the light so I can fit some halo lights for the wife. 
Its a pre facelift model. 2002. Lights  are 2003 I believe. 
either that, or does anyone have a standard set which have been split? 

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Morning Stu

BMW strikes again 😅

Up to 09/2002 (if my old brain remembers) the glue could be softened and the lamp lens separated, seems someone in BMW didn't think much of that, I mean customers customising a BMW so the glue was changed. 

There is a clock face on the plastic casing which should indicate the manufacturing date. I have read of a Dremel being used on the glue line to separate the lens then refitted using a hot glue gun but never done it myself. You could hunt for a light set with a pre 09/2002 date or as you have a set try a Dremel first

Good luck Mate


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Yeah, your right about the pre 2002 lights.. they changed to a near on unbreakable glue called secure flex or something in 2003 just because they wanted to… and stop condensation… and nuclear fallout getting in. 

I think I’ll get a dremel and maybe a couple of days away from the kids and invite the inventor of the glue over… 

Maybe it’s karma from when I put tiger seal on my mates tyres for a laugh and he burnt his clutch out trying to move the car … ended up sawing the tyres off the floor! … it didn’t have much torque 😂😂😂

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