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Advice Please BMW One Series 05 - Diagnostics Carried Out


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Hi Guys, 

I hope you are all well. I am after some advice regarding my BMW One Series 05 Plate, I purchased the car in April of this year, however, have rarely driven it due to breakage of both wrists in 2019 and them still playing up. Issues began pretty quickly, car entering limp mode (possibly), rpm droppage (automatic car), engine management light intermittently illuminating, start/stop ignition (at times refuses to start for 15 minutes.)

Another issue, having owned many BMWs never have I owned one that has such hard steering, despite the friend of my Mum and Dad I purchased the car from stating he had changed the Power Steering Pump prior to me purchasing I find it hard to believe. Prior to this car I owned a 07 plate Merc, never really caused wrist issues.

Also and I am truly sorry to bombard you with questions, however, I have just this week received a recall notice due to wiring of the heating and air conditioning blower regulator. According to the seller he never received a recall at all (hard to believe!)

Diagnostics have today been carried out and the following error codes were found:

Fault Code(s) Recovered:

29cc Combustion Failure Detection: Drop-outs On Multiple Components Detected

29cf Cylinder 3: Misfiring Detected

29ce Cylinder 2: Misfiring Detected

2e26 Ignition Coil Cylinder 3 Faulty

2a63 Valve Lift Actuator Dyn. Monitoring, Signal Implausible

2a61 Valve Lift Control Error In Learning Process

2ebe Alternator Signal Missing

Various Dtc Present. Static Dtc For Valvetronic Basic Settings. Unable To Complete Adaptations Due To Timeout. Know Tsb For Internal Ecu Failure. Remove And Send Ecu For Repair.

Carry Out Component Testing. Carry Out Live Data Testing. Carry Out Signal Reference Testing. Test Results Show Internal Engine Control Unit (ECU) Error/ Malfunction. Remove Engine Control Unit And Send For Electronic Analysis. Test Results Show Internal Ecu Failure. Carry Out Remanufacturing Service. Install Engine Control Unit. Carry Out Variant Testing. Clear Dtc And Carry Out Road Test.

Background History on Car for Past 5 Years

Owned by friend of my Mum and Dad who states he is not a trader, however, he does trade but typically work vans, it was used by him as a courtesy car whilst working on peoples cars (mechanic) Over 5 years car was driven approx. 1000 miles a year, MOT for 5 years by a garage I know very well and in fact ran the same garage that ran diagnostics yesterday and quoted very close to £700.00 for the work to be carried out.

I guess my question is how major an issue is this, I have read up and have notice that misfires could also signify head gasket problems. Bearing in mind I never wanted the car (Husband did) and would have been selling it, if I fork out close to £700 it really is not a viable option to sell.

Cheers in advance.



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Morning Debs

Welcome to the Forum

First if the seller used the car as a Courtesy car he is a Trader so can't wriggle out of any responsibility particularly if Faults were reported in a timely manner. 

Having said that a courtesy car needs to be reliable, faults occur at any time sadly

Often fault codes are related so fix the right one and all the others disappear. Looking at your fault codes the bulk are ignition related. So I would start with a compression test if good no head gasket issue, then change spark plugs and Ignition coils (check the loom carefully for any signs of cracking or damage) Test the cam position sensors (Google will help) If it is an ECU fault then companies like ECU Testing are brilliant and normally a 48hr turnaround 

I guess the real question here is do you want the car? My wife in 2005 suffered with a Frozen shoulder and was finding her beloved Volvo T5 heavy on the steering and causing pain I brought her a Subaru Outback (try one, super light steering) 

I get the feeling that you are not in love with the Beemer so maybe getting it running and trading it on is the way forward 

Good Luck Debs


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