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F31 3-series Touring boot false floor / spare wheel space ?


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I'm new to the forum as I'm looking to buy my first BMW - I'm considering a F31 3 series (LCI / facelift - around 2016 - 2019 model year)  diesel (320d or 330d) Touring Auto.   Please may I ask for some advice about the boot ?

I went to drive one yesterday (320d Luxury Auto with about 70k miles)  and loved it, except for the boot - which was surprisingly shallow, with insufficient height for my 2 dogs.   I'm sure the one I saw can't be 495 litres (as advertised) ?!

the cause of the shallow boot was that the space where the spare wheel would usually be was mainly filled by a  deep plastic / polysterene insert beneath the boot floor, which owas taking up a lot of space.

My question is -  do all 3 series F31 Tourings have this raised boot floor?    Do some cars come with a deeper boot (and without the spacer) ?   Is it possible to remove the  plastic spacer, to have a lower the boot floor ?

I'd appreciate any general advice about buying a used F31 Touring diesel auot 

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Morning Tarquin

Welcome to the Forum (almost)

Most cars now have an extra storage compartment under the boot floor these days where the spare used to live.

Not sure about your comment about a raised boot floor unless the car had a sliding floor for easy loading 

Not sure what dogs you have but I have 5 HPR pointers and while I have an X5 my wife has a Subaru Outback and our daughter has a BMW 320d touring. All 5 are fine in the X5 4 are comfortable in the Subaru or the 3 series (The boot is around the same size height in both) 

Maybe look at a 5 series Touring, good hunting


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Thank you @Greydog - that's helpful advice.   I will take another look at the boot space - its good to hear it ought to be big enough!

I'm probably contrasting the 3-series boot with my last 2 cars - I currently own an Octavia hatch and before that owned a Mondeo hatch.   Both of those had a lovely low boot floor, because there was no space provided for a spare wheel below the floor - giving quite a deep boot.

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