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Do you own N47T ?


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Morning Dirty

Welcome to the Forum

Not sure what your looking for/expecting here ? All engines will make more noise as they age without reasonable maintenance. However with good/high maintenance they will not be much noisier than when new and 5 series were very quiet executive cars. Or is it the exhaust ? Has someone hacked it about to make it noisy ?

Gearstick shake !!! that is just wrong, either all the mounts (engine and gearbox) are shot or the engine is running really badly

For your information all the N47 engines are turbo charged, designated M47N in your model

As mileage builds on an engine things wear (faster with poor maintenance) hydraulic lifters can clatter, injectors can clatter ancillaries and tensioners wear. All fixable however if it's timing chain on your engine changing that and it's tensioners is often an engine out job.


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