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Ceramic coating has it been done ?

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I recently bought a 1 series 135i coupe. As part of the deal i paid for a ceramic coating and machine polish. It was raining when i collected the car so it looked nice and shiny. Two days later in the sunshine i could see light scratches and swirls. I thought the machine polish would get rid of these. I got in touch with the seller and explained the issue. His answer was if i wanted a perfect finish it would cost approx £1200 pounds. He had done a half price deal of £350 for a 5 year ceramic coating. I am thinking was it even done ? How can i tell ? The car does shine but there are plenty of swirls.

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Hi David 

As far as I am aware a good Car Detailer would prepare the paint properly before adding a ceramic coating.

I do my own working panel by panel on cars I buy, good wash then cutting compound then clay bar to clean any residue always polishing by hand with soft clean micro fibre cloths, last for me is polish. It normally takes me a few days to get it done but it does get rid of the swirls

Unfortunately I think you need advice from a good detailer 


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I bit the bullet today and took the car to a local detailer DFVD in Newport sth Wales.

He wasnt impressed to say the least . He was of the opinion they hadnt done what they had said. So now i am paying to have the car done again. He told me he would back me up if i wanted to put a complaint in to the Car sales i bought it from. I dont think i will bother .

Yet again i have been caught

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