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New brake rotors

David N

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My 840i is 18 months old with less than 8000 miles on the clock.  After brake judder it seems all four rotors are warped but BMW will not honour the warranty as low mileage has contributed to rotor corrosion.  Anyone else come across this one?  Probably on principle this will end up in the small claims court.

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Morning David

Welcome to the Forum

That doesn't make sense to me, my X5 E53 4.6is has sat for 8 months (it only comes out for the summer these days) and yes there was surface rust on the rotors but a short drive cleaned them and no judder or vibration.

Check the manufacturing date of your car against the delivery date as if they are claiming rust it may have started before you took delivery? Also how can rust warp a rotor? Over heating due to sticking calliper's or driving like Lewis Hamilton on new brakes (no bedding in) will do it, but on a new car with only 8k ?? Have you contacted BMW UK ?

Good Luck with the outcome


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Thanks Dave, totally agree on these points.  They claim that during the period of standing on the drive whilst I was on holiday this resulted in corrosion or rust which in turn caused excessive heating of the rotors.  I will be sticking to my not fit for purpose argument.  BMW UK not helpful and have declined both warranty or goodwill repair.

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