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2009 116i 2.0 Misfire after coasting

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Just wondering if anyone has had/is having similar issues. The engine misfires in a very specific situation, namely after coasting (engine breaking) when applying throttle again, particularly at the lower end of the rev range, the engine misfires. Once at higher RPM 2000+ it behaves normally. My suspicion is a faulty injector, as opposed to a faulty coil pack. A faulty coil pack I believe would cause a misfire throughout the rev range.

Any ideas how to verify the cause?

Would new injectors need to be calibrated? or are they just interchangeable?

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Morning Kingair

Welcome to the Forum

A diagnostic read with Inpa/Ista ( or a BMW capable Diagnostic program) would confirm exactly what is happening.

If you don't have access I would first check the loom and connections if all are good and you are actually changing a single injector I believe it wili need registering through Inpa/Ista or similar


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Thanks Greydog.

Afraid the real cause, as I have just discovered, is due to damaged wiring...as you suggested, but probably not the type of damage.  I found evidence of a rodents nest!! The insulation has been partially stripped (eaten).

Hoping it is limited to what I can see.



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I have seen that before little blighters climb in where it is warm. Good find,if it isn't repairable use www.realoem.com to get the correct part numbers then Google to find replacements 


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