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Massive Oil loss under engine

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Wow, I started up this morning all ok and drove out only to have the red oil pressure light come on within 1/4 mile.

Got back home to find a massive oil puddle on the road outside drive.

Have no idea what has occurred and am just wondering other than say a sum plug coming out what I might expect to find when I get the car up on a ramp. Certainly wont be driving it.

See video attached. Something has blown so trying to think what would cause this prior to putting it into garage. No warnings or any other noises before this happened and had been on Motorway on Wednesday purring along. 

Any thoughts welcome.  

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Morning Paul

Wow that's a bit of a mess, the fact it went so quickly my thoughts are Oil Cooler pipe split, Remote Oil Filter feed/return pipe off or loose, Sump plug lost ? 

Good luck hope it is a relatively simple fix and that there is no other damage


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