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Bluetooth question


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Morning Andrew

Depends on whether you have the M system or a CCC there were posts some time ago that you need to enable Music streaming in the CCC settings there were a couple of videos on you tube that showed how.

If however, you have the early M system I think you're stuck


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Morning Andrew

They are the "Type" designations for the Infotainment systems fitted to the 5 series models. Just looked at your post again with your car being a 2008 model (should have seen earlier Dohh) I believe your model has the CCC system so you should be able to enable Music streaming using the cars onscreen settings menu and your rotary controller. As I said there were some "How to" videos on the Internet Google is your friend

The early system (as fitted in my E53 4.6is) I can only connect through a wired Aux connection. Bluetooth for phone but no Music streaming. Very rarely used in the E53 the engine makes the best sound. My E70 has Music streaming enabled when I brought it so I have never looked but also not used as I am a boring old boy who rarley listens to even the radio these days

Good Luck it is in there


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