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  1. Hi Dave, I think I am stuck! No idea what CCC or M means but all I can find is an AUX plug in the centre arm rest. thanks Andy.
  2. I have a question about how to play music from my iphone to my car? I would like to do this via bluetooth but I only have an AUX plug in my 2008 E61. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks Paneuro.
  3. Hi Dave, that's a good question. I will have a look at mine first. I have a pair of ramps I can either reverse on to and have a quick look. thanks Paneuro.
  4. Hi Dave, thanks for that info. I note from the OEM and also the parts guy at BMW that there is no trace of a drain/fill plug on any of the illustrations. Thanks Paneuro.
  5. Hi Dave, I see what you mean about price. The thick end of £120 .00 just for the oil. I was also at the diff on OEM and don't see any fill plug listed. I asked the parts guy who gave me the price for the oil but he couldn't find anything listed for a fill pug either. Have you any ideas? cheers Paneuro.
  6. Hi Dave, thanks for that info. I will have a look and see what I can find at a reasonable price. thanks again Paneuro.
  7. hi Greydog, where would I find out what the right oil is as BMW say its lifetime oil and never needs changed? cheers Paneuro.
  8. I have a 2008 530d E61 manual 6speed and would like to change the oil in both the gearbox and diff, any tips ? Paneuro
  9. Hi Dave, I fitted the new oxygen sensor this morning but unfortunately no cigar. Going to sit at the fire and watch the snooker. Cheers Andy.
  10. Hi Dave, I have spoke to a friend and he has sent me the scanner programs and says he will talk me through how to install them. I have got the oxygen sensor out and am awaiting the new one, should be here by the weekend so I will keep you posted how it goes. regards Andy.
  11. Hi Dave, thanks for the advice. I have already ordered a new oxygen sensor on EBAY (£40 quid) so will keep fingers crossed. I could have got a used one (£12)) but I feel its a bit of an unknown quantity. I feel I have to be getting close to solving the problem before long. I am also looking into getting somebody to put one of these in depth scanner programmes into my old laptop. cheers Andy
  12. Hi Dave, the fuel filter as far as I know was fitted at year ago , that is to say I gave the garage a new BMW filter to fit while the car was in for its mot 1 year ago and I have no reason to doubt that they fitted it. I will go ahead and fit an oxygen sensor later in the week. What's your thought's on the 2 temp sensor's on each side of the oxygen sensor? regards Andy.
  13. Thanks Dave, looks like there's nothing greatly untoward there then? The car runs perfectly its just this b----y light. I can get a guy to come and code the EML light out but I feel its like giving in!! The only other option is find somebody who has the right in depth scanner who can narrow the problem down to a specific sensor. I have fitted 4 different sensors without success so far. I could continue onto the exhaust side and renew the 2 temp and 1 oxygen sensor but they would cost me around £130 squids with no guarantee. Not sure 😕 Andy
  14. Hi Dave, hope you can unravel this. Air mass per cylinder 516.73 ambient pressure 1004.31 mbar Boost pressure actual value 1033.85 Coolant temperature 81.24 Duty cycle boost plate 94.52% Duty cycle of exhaust gas recirculation 86.65% Engine speed689.56 1/min Injection quantity 5.91 mg/Hub Pedal value generator 0.00% Rail Pressure Is 267.82bar This is all the info as it appears on the screen. thanks Andy.
  15. Hi Dave, well after fitting the new solenoid and putting it all back together the dreaded EML is still there. Looks like I'll have to go to the exhaust side now!! regards Andy. P.S. I took a screen shot of what Carly is telling me but don't know how to post it on here. I don't understand any of the figures given other than the engine temperature but you might.
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