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  1. Hi, I fitted a new cap on the crank case breather and I have driven it for 2 days now and have tried to get it to smoke and it seems to have cured the problem! I am wondering if it would be sensible to fit a complete new breather and is there an updated one. The steering rack would appear to be electric as there are no hydraulic pipes, nor is there a power steering pump or top up tank, what I do notice is there is at least 2 universal joints on the steering column which I will lubricate. I will keep you updated. thanks Paneuro.
  2. Hi, the only thing that puzzles me is the fact that you can drive this car for 20 miles + and it is clear as a bell and then you can get a load of blue smoke for about 100 yards and then it goes back to behaving itself. there is no pattern to when its going to happen. ??? Paneuro
  3. Hi Dave, nice to hear from you again. Firstly oil level was low (min), I will have a look at these hoses and vac lines. Am I looking for cracks, blockages, or what? I have lots of experience re valve stem oil seals and would rule that out for now. I have paid particular attention to when lifting of from high speed and then flooring it again and it is clear as a bell. The steering however is heavy compared to my 530D so would need to look at that. I will need advice re the hoses/ vac lines and steering angle sensor but I appreciate your help and it does make sense. thanks Paneuro. P.S. I am waiting on a new crankcase breather.
  4. I have more info about the 3 series, its an E91 318D manual. I took it for a fair run today, about 20 miles each way and it spewed out blue smoke twice for a few hundred yards once on the outward and once on the way home, after it happens it clears quickly and is fine. I am getting a signal on the dash which is a capital A circled by an arrow and on the right hand side of that is a heavy upside down exclamation mark if that makes sense. anybody know what that means? thanks paneuro.
  5. Hi, I now have more info. the car is a 2011 BMW 318D LCI and has done 130,000 miles. I was on the OEM site and note that it appears to have a separate dpi filter fitted just behind the catalytic converter? Would I be right in thinking that this part is consumable similar to say an oil filter or not. When you look at it in the parts diagram it seems like a filter on its own. Anybody know? thanks Paneuro.
  6. Hi, I have my daughters 3 series here , possibly an e39 but not sure. Anyway it has the DPF light on and the only symptoms is after a fast run its putting out some blue smoke which very quickly clears up as soon as you take of again. I will know more tomorrow when I have had a right look at it . I only followed her for about 20 miles when she came to drop the car of. Any quick ideas. Paneuro.
  7. BMW 530 d manual E61, I have noticed recently that some cars similar to mine have 4 angel eyes on the front while I have only 2. It may just be newer models or 2of mine are not working. Anybody out there clear this up for me? Thanks Paneuro
  8. Hi Dave, just noticed your question. BMW were not specific but they did put in writing that the problem in their opinion was caused by suspect low voltage which most people on this forum and others suspected from the beginning. Anyway car is running well now thanks to people on the forum and the BMW dealer. thanks Paneuro.
  9. Hi guys, just to let you know I sent copies of the receipts to put the car right to the battery suppliers (£352.00) and they reimbursed the full cost within an hour. thanks Paneuro.
  10. Hi guys, car is now fixed and it cost two hours at the BMW dealers. thanks for all the advice. Paneuro
  11. Hi guys, it wasn't BMW that tested the battery and alternator it was the company who supplied the battery and they gave me the print out from the machine. I was there and he handed it straight out the testing machine. BMW have the car at the moment and they have got it going. They phoned me and said they were monitoring the battery overnight to see if there was any drain, if not I can go and collect it tomorrow.
  12. Hi Stu, I don't know about pasoft, from what you said about turning the key one click and light turning green! My car does not work like that, I don't turn the key, its just a push in key. Although its 2008 its late in the year and its an LCI model. cheers Paneuro.
  13. Hi, I also forgot to say they also tested the alternator and it was reading 14.20 volts no load and 14.29 loaded. I have all the readouts in print but don't know how to post a picture on here. thanks Paneuro.
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