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2023 x1 order status


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Hi Dave

My current 2023 x1  m sport order position 

Order has been placed with a deposit at a BMW dealership here in Florida ,  I was provided a  112  status  and a " Production Number " 

my sales rep provided a   "  Conf. Prod: "  date of 2022/12/49     which he stated was the targeted date to start production. 

I was advised the 150 status would need to be assigned to my order before any real progress would be defined.

I am not really sure the Conf. Prod. Date  listed on the dealers " Vehicle Inquiry : Status  is really a solid date .

From other BMW  post these start dates can change by a few weeks 

I have not called the BMW  hotline #  to ask or even if this hotline is accurate .


Any feedback would be helpful.  




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Morning BocaX1

I have made a few visits to European manufacturing plants (i was involved with installing production equipment when in Business) normal sequence is Body assembly, then Paint, then the real work begins. The looms are fitted, drive train married to the chassis. The process for all manufacturers not just BMW is similar up to this point now the car goes into the final phase where trim is fitted. Trim is often where hold ups occur as there are a heck of a lot of them a lot of these items are supplied by chosen suppliers. Items from simple fixings to wheels and tyres. 

So experience tells me body assembly and paint about 40 hrs then depending on customer spec the whole build 4 maybe 5 weeks without hold up.

To be sure try an email to BMW USA Customer services 


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