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P0112 & P0238 Code after VRSF + Tial BOV install E93 335i


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Hi, I have a completely stock e93 that was throwing a 30FF code, so I installed a new CP as well as replacing the vacuum lines that attach to the BOV. The car is driving great compared to pre-install but the check engine light came on after install, along with "engine malfunction: reduced power." I can't see how the TMAP could be failing because I have no power mods just yet, I don't think there is any possibility my boost is over 19psi. And what does the IAT (P0112) have in common with all these symptoms?

Any possibilities as to what could be causing these codes? Would really appreciate the help. 

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Morning Hunter

Welcome to the Forum

Remember that General codes 30ff and PO112 are often symptoms not necessarily the cause 

You refer to BOV ? do you have an aftermarket Blow Off Valve? the standard turbo actuators operate at 9 psi yet you refer to 19 psi. The higher the boost the hotter the intake air temp is which may well put it outside normal operating parameters and throw the code.

I would go very carefully back over the work done and check everything, vacuum line routing, make sure none are kinked absolutely no leaks.

I would also invest in a BMW capable diagnostic scanner it will give far more accurate information

Good luck sorting it 


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