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Cooling problems


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Can anyone help me 

I have a 2008 320 d that keeps overheating and I am now getting white smoke but my water pump is only 2 years old and thermostat housing is the same age so I can only assume the thermostat is the same age too. The electric pumps sounds like it kicks in (when I force start it) but no water is flowing into the expansion tank. Could this be the problem? 

Thanks for reading 

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Morning Colin

I may be wrong, but I thought your model was fitted with the N47 engine which if I recall has an Engine driven water pump. When did you last check the Coolant level? If you have had to top up a few times that would indicate a leak which needs checking out. Is the cooling fan kicking in correctly. The electric pump you're forcing to start where is it? it could be an auxiliary water pump to aid warm up. Though I didn't think they were fitted to the N47 ((again I could be wrong)

Even a new pump can fail, as can a thermostat. White smoke could be a sign of some other failure due to overheating it needs investigating




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