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E39 Style 5 Alloys - 36111092336


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I am desperate for a set of E39 (16 x 7J ET20) style 5 or at a push Style 29 alloys.

4 is ok.

I think these are well out of production. I find lots of 15" and 17" and 8J 7 Series rims but no E39.

Posting on the off chance anyone has some

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Morning Jez

Welcome to the Forum

Have you tried all the usual suspects like Google BMW Specialist Dismantlers and try them or a quick look at www.realoem.com shows the Type 5 as still available the hub caps it seems are out of production which doesn't make sense. Type 29 are shown as still available. New from BMW they won't be cheap however, but it may be worth contacting BMW UK they have a classic division who should help plus they have some useful discounts for us with older models.

Good Luck with the hunt


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I guess you have tried BBS direct ?  BMW Dealers can be erratic in how they respond so I would call or email BMW UK as well (cover all the Bases)

If you look on www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model (or search the Classic section manually) you will see BMW show them as Priced and available (Price in US $ as it is an American site)


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