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Installing ODB2 Connected Tablet


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The iDrive in my 2006 530xi doesn't work. The parts are apparently discontinued. I am considering putting a tablet in my car and connecting it to the ODB2 port to get vital car info. Is anyone familiar with this? What ODB2 app is the best to use and, will I be able to monitor fluid levels, water temp, oil pressure, etc.? Is there car related info available on the iDrive that I won't be able to see from the ODB2 connected tablet? Thanks!

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Morning Russ

Welcome to the Forum 

I am not sure what you mean by discontinued? As far as I am aware all CCC parts are still available (though unless you have deep pockets avoid BMW main dealers) The parts are also readily available from the many specialist dismantlers and let's not forget the repairers out there who repair and even improve CCC and CIC units.

There are also several Android upgrades for the screen that contain good connectivity. Many can link to the OBD either through the CCC or via a bluetooth dongle.

So, it really depends on which component of your OEM CCC that has stopped working. It could be the onboard monitor, the Controller or the Combined CCC/CD (there were a lot of failures with these early units this may be the unit you have been told isn't available) the CCC/CD/Nav are available as separate units.

With my E53 4.6is I have kept everything OEM even the Digital TV just for originality. My E70 the screen is an updated Android unit which gives far greater functionality and a choice of Nav programs (Google map, Waze or IGO) and all controlled through the rotary controller.



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