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E53 suspension failed?


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Hi all. 
following the wife home yesterday and I saw the car was leaning to the left a bit. This morning the rear lhs suspension was definitely low.

any quick tips I can check before hopefully not handing over to a garage. 
I am off to Germany on Sunday and my wife will need the car while I’m gone. 
really not the time for this to play up! 

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Morning Stu

As it started one side my guess is Airbag very easy change jack it up wheel off. Pull the 30amp Compressor fuse 

Disconnect the airline the actual air bag is held in by clips 2 at the top 1 at the bottom a half hour job for a man of your capabilities 🤣

Personally I would change both airbags just to be sure Aerosus are the best and come with a warranty. Last time I did it they were about £80 each


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Cheers Dave. 
just had a look and it’s like the leaning tower…. Good news is I can feel the car rising on the left although not fully and the pump working, so I would agree a failed bag on the left. …. Now, where to get an airbag on a Saturday morning…. 

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Mine came from Euro Car Parts had to drive to their Redhill depot to collect strangely also a Saturday morning 

I would have a quick ring around the Motor Factors 

For any clues if you need them take a look at www.pelicanparts.com they have "how too's" with pictures

Good Luck 


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Hi all.

it was indeed a leaking left airbag. 
I would do a write up but there is loads on YouTube. 
the whole job changing both sides took 2 hours and 2 people. It’s easier if you have 2 trolley jacks, one lift the car and one to lift the axle, part came out easy and replaced with a straight swap. 

cheers for the input Dave. Once again your knowledge is invaluable, albeit a mid judgement on my ability! 😂

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