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Technical help please

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Well, I’ve bought myself an E60 535d and had to replace some major parts and getting various error codes due to the mileage not corresponding. 

Car has done about 192k miles

New engine about 60k miles

Recon turbos mileage unknown

Cas and ecu about 143k miles


The errors seem to be that the CAS and car don’t seemed to be synced. 

I have access to a range of diagnostic/programming tools (Autotel and Impa) but can’t work out how to do it. 

Any hints would be very welcome


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Morning Eric

Welcome to the Forum

Units such as Engine and Turbo are basically "dumb" it is the control units that are out of sync 

BMW also store mileage in two places the FCM/LCM and the ZKE mileage must be within 250 miles for each or you will get a tamper dot.

Not trying to "teach Granny" as you have done a lot of work, have you checked YouTube there were a couple of pretty good "How Too's" there awhile ago for using INPA to re-program control units.

Did you get the keys with the CAS unit? Or have the issues just started?

I would use INPA and run a full diagnostic check first and Note any control unit faults 



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Thanks Dave

I’ll do an INPA tutorial mission at the weekend 👍

The CAS came with one key but no barrel so having to do the sneaky trick with old and new key to start (wanting to clear issues and get MOTd before messing about programming/switching key internals)

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