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Vibration from braking - seems when hot

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I've been getting some vibration when braking and looking at various post suggest it could be front pad or disc build up... or possible distortion.

Over the past week I've tried to pay more attention to when it happens and can certainly say the car has to be driven a while before any vibration occurs. My thought on that would be that the brakes are hotter at this point and it's the heat causing the fault.

Does that seem feasible? The vibration is through the steering wheel and to re-iterate, it only happens after the car has been driven for a while - maybe 10 to 15 mins but I guess it depends how I'm driving.

Appreciate that no one can say for certain, however I'm at the point where I'm probably going to change front discs and pads, and knowing if it fixed someone else's vibration issue would help.


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Hi Steve

Brakes should only get hot when in use unless of course something is sticking/binding 

A common cause of vibration when slowing is worn suspension bushes in the traction strut they have a life of around 80 to 100k depending on use.

Then there are the thoughts you have already had distorted discs are easy enough to check with a pointer fixed to the chassis and just touching the disc edge turn the disc and any run out should be easy to see. You can get the disc and pads deglazed if there is no distortion 



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