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  1. Hey all. Recently purchased a 60 plate X1 23d and love it. Quite an exciting ride! On to my problem. Shortly after buying, I noticed the mpg was low for what I'd expected. Then I was on the motorway and could feel a vibration through the car. Getting to the point, this vibration happened more at speed that just idling along but a couple of days back, I get out of the drivers door and could hear a clicking. Recognising the sound, I though of something getting too hot and walked past the rear wheel... which was giving off a lot of heat. Alloy had way more dust on than the others too. Hand towards the wheel it was too hot. So I figure the caliper needs to be replaced but wanted to know if this was a garage job or could I do it? I have changed calipers before but never had BMW, so while the principle may be the same, are there any considerations I need to take account of? Also, is it best to change both rears rather than just the one? Thanks in advance.
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