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R61 JCW Mystery no code fault

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A recent long run about 1500km from Spain to UK generated a fault.  The message in photo came up, I was doing average speed of around 80mph air-con on for 20C outside temp around 33C.  I had been running at this stage approx 500km and had had only one stop.  Yellow warning light came on and on screen warning as per photo.  Stopped car opened bonnet no visible signs coolant etc all OK.  Left for 15 min restarted car engine light went off and screen warning went.  Continued journey a further 800km no problems. Visit a friend f mine who has a dealership ran diagnostics nothing showing! A week later did return journey and on last 2 days of the 4 day trip this happened 4 more times eventually turned air-con off reduced speed a bit and went home.  Booked into BMW for diagnosis problem was there was a 3 week delay here in Span for appt, anyway they had it 3 days no fault code showing.  MBW/Mini say they have no idea of cause but come cack if it happens again problem is if car cools there will be nothing to see.  So today purchased Bimmerlink and an OBD will run permanently going to try car on a long 30km uphill route in Sport Mode with air-con on full to see if I replicate and to see if OBD captures anything.  Anyone who has had similar or advice will welcome it many thanks.


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A bit more research shows that a steady yellow light could be loose fuel cap or Oxygen sensor no idea yet yet if that is cause but it is 100% more info than the Mini/BMW dealer gave after having the car for 3 days and finding and doing nothing!

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Morning David 

Sadly today that is all Dealers not just BMW "no code no problem" 

Years ago had the similar problem with a Volvo T5. I had been in Poland on business, light came on coming back just after crossing into Germany. Volvo dealer could find no fault suggested a faulty O2 sensor, in frustration I changed the fuel filter and ran it with a fuel additive for a couple of tanks. Fault gone and never returned ? I believe it was poor fuel picked up in Poland.

You have also had some pretty extreme temperatures in Spain so could be one of the thermostats having a hissy fit ? Interesting to know if it clears with lower temps perhaps?



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I understand NMW/Mini problem with this sort of fault as it only shows when it happens and does leave a telltale code behind.  I have fitted an OBD device in the vain hope it will capture something.  I do not think it was temperature related as a simple ignition off reset was all that was needed but did not stop fault happening again.  I think it is fuel/oxygen related but cannot prove it.  I tried the other week putting car in sport mode and manual gear selection aircon on full blast and driving very hard up as many hills etc as possible with air temp around 38 to 40C - again no fault recorded.  So for now unlikely any long trips planned so sort of giving up until it happens when I am directly outside a dealers and maybe I will find Rocking Horse sh** on the pavement as well!!  Thank you for your time and reply.

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