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BST cable wiring diagram e93

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Hi, I have a e93 and when I was removing the battery I cut through the positive battery cable side of the BST cable. I can replace the wire myself but I am not sure which way round the wires go became they are both black wires in colour. The BST connector is labelled with the numbers 1 and 2 on the positive battery cable side of the BST connector and the other side of the connector which connects to the car is
labelled 1,2,3,4,5,6 but that side of the wire didn't break. The wire connects to terminal 1 and 2 on the drive side of the bst connector. So I am unsure is the wire from 1 connect to 1 and 2 connects to 2 or visa versa on the positive battery side of the bst connector. I wiring diagram would be extremely helpful if any one can help


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Morning Mo

Welcome to the Forum

That looks like the MRS cable so getting something wrong could fire Seat belt tensioners or Air bags or it could be the IBS trigger lead

My instinct here is change the cable to avoid issues you will probably have the airbag lights to reset as its been disconnected. Do you have access to INPA/ISTA you may find wiring diagrams there.

Check realoem if you haven't already to see if you can get part numbers that may help 

I have changed the complete main battery lead on a 1 series where the IBS had been triggered and fired the tensioners but fortunately no airbags so didn't need diagrams just replce parts and reset with INPA


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