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Rear diff replacement?

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Hi there,

Looking for a bit of advice and to see if what I have been told today sounds correct. I have got a 2016 320D Touring M sport which has done 55k.

Over the past few months I have felt & heard a clunking/knocking noise through the steering wheel. This noise is a like a intermittent knocking and can be heard when driving at low speeds and when applying the brakes. It only also happens when the temperature is over 20 degrees ish or have been driving for over an hour. I cant feel the knocking through the pedals just through the steering wheel.

My brother in law works in a garage and couldn't find anything wrong so I decided to take it to a BMW specialist today whilst I had an oil change. They couldn't get the noise to happen whilst on a test drive but could apparently hear a clunking when up on the ramp and i have been told I need a new rear diff costing £2300 all in. They also said all the brakes look fine as this is what is what I thought it could be as I can hear the clunking even more under braking at lower speeds.

Has anyone has got any advice?

Thanks in advance

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Morning Chad

Welcome to the Forum

Always difficult to diagnose a knock or clunk without experiencing it.Is the knock are one off clunk or a rotating knock knock knock?

First did the specialist explain why they thought it was the diff? If the diff is worn then I would think it should be possible to check your self how much movement at the Input shaft/prop are all the bolts tight and the coupling in good condition, is the centre bearing OK. If they are then how much movement is in the drive shafts either side. Is the diff oil level correct?

As far as the Diff goes I guess that price is a BMW OEM part plus fitting. As you have a handy brother inlaw in your tool kit 😁 Maybe talk to some of the BMW Specialist Dismantlers (Google) check www.realoem.com put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box then check the Diff in the Rear axel section double click the part number and you should get a list of othe models it was used in.

Good Luck


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