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Power steering, windshield wipers, horn not working.

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Hi Scott

Welcome to the Forum

First port of call for me would be checking the fuse box behind the Glove box and the main fuses under the bonnet. 

If all fuses are OK and the Relay is OK you could try disconnecting the battery for 30mins (Neg First) a dealer trick to reset everything. If that doesn't work then a diagnostic session may be needed 

Hope this is helpful



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Thanks Dave I've checked the fuse box, paid 187.00 at the dealer just to check. I disconnected the battery only for 15 minutes though. That got my radio to work. Do I need to go back to the dealer for the diagnostic check, hope not!? I'll try disconnecting the battery for 30 min. thanks so much for your help.

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Morning Scott

Google the Register of BMW Specialists there should be one near you, they will have all the Kit and Experience to run any checks and diagnostics. They will also be in my experience less than half Dealer hourly rates. Even a few Independent Garages have BMW capable systems these days

Even a good amateur auto electrician with a multimeter can trace most faults. I would pull the connectors for the Power Steering Pump and Wipers do a battery reset then at each connector make sure there is power with the ignition on.(with the wipers you may need an assistant to operate the switch). If power is there check Earth continuity and earth points (engine earth straps) If it all checks out plug in 1 item say wipers and check it's operation in that way you can narrow down the culprit. A word on fuses physically pull the fuse and test it, would have a spare to swap (they are cheap) The control relays again pull them and test them change as required.

Good Luck


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