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Timing chain

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Hi , I’m thinking of purchasing a BMW x1, I keep getting told of horror stories regarding timing chain failure plus other issues, I currently have a Audi A4 b7 avant but I’m looking for something different, are these issues true and do a high number of vehicles have chain issues, thank you 

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Morning James

Welcome to the Forum

Most of the problems were over a 5 year manufacturing period 2007 to 2012 and mainly diesel engines affected. The issue was stretching timing chains sadly BMW did not deal with it well at first denying there was a problem. If an engine fails repair cost I have seen quoted is between £2k and £3k. So if it happens a major cost however these engines were used in many models and BMW argue that failures against total in service is fairly low, difficult to assess as many dealt with by BMW were kept in house. BMW supplied modified Chain Tensioners and guides as part of the repair not cheap.

Having said that my Brother Inlaw is now on his 5th 5series touring (2x530d 2x535d and the current 540d) the first 3 all in the risk years all run to high mileages due to his business, all BMW serviced but we carried out interim oil changes monthly. My personal belief is modern extended service schedules by all manufacturers don't actually help longevity. He has suffered no timing chain issues, swirl flaps on the early cars an EGR fail on one of the 535d all has been good.



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