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Uncomfortable front seats X4

Dorset Cow

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My front seats in BMW X4 2015 are uncomfortable, due to side wings being too narrow. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get replacement seats, without the wings.

Any help would be much appreciated, as I bought this car to do long journeys in comfort, but the seats are giving me a backache after less than an hour 😩

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Morning Nigel

Welcome to the Forum

Not sure what spec seats you have in your X4? X5's have Sport or Comfort seats dependent on the customer order, I would think your car is the same. My X5 has inflatable lumber support and side squabs in it's Sport seats so finding a comfortable setting is relatively easy, we often do journeys of 3hrs plus (damn traffic in the South) without any discomfort or both walking like C3po when we arrive.

Sport seats are firmer than Comfort so maybe check what is fitted to yours, if it's Sport see if you can find a pair of Comfort seats for your car from one of the BMW specialist dismantlers. 



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They look fat alright, in your seat controls do you have the circular bolter control? Round button 4 arrows for inflating/deflating the side bolsters and lumber support?

Maybe look at BMW Vin Decoder to see what was ordered? Do you have a pull out knee support? If not they maybe the basic seats in which case you may not have adjustable side bolsters.


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I always found it amusing that they put "Sport" seats to hold me in place in a big fat 4x4 like the X5 ?? Both my X5's have had the Sport seats I can understand them in the sportier saloons and Z cars but an X5 ? 

Yes the Comfort seats are not as "Hugging" lower side bolsters attached is a picture of a Comfort seat from a late model Fi5 X5, the other pictures are E53/70 style Comfort and Sport (all images from a well known auction site)

I guess the issue is finding a replacement pair of front seats that match your existing leather and stitching, maybe worth talking to some of the specialist BMW recyclers as BMW will ask for an Arm and probably a Kidney



X5 F15 Comfort seat.odt E53 X5 Comf.odt E53 X5 Sport Seat.odt

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