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325! Engine retune advise


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Hi all

just purchased a 09 325i cabriolet..

75000 on the clock full service history, very good condition.. it’s auto ( still not sure about that choice )

It’s 12 years old but I did expect a bit more on pull away, especially from a 3L..

I’m looking for any advise on where I might start on the engine to try and get back some of the horses that have escaped over the years..

many thanks


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Morning Ben

Welcome to the Forum

Nice car if my ol brain is working its an E93 you own is it Pre LCI or LCI ?

Your car should have around 210bhp as standard 0to 60 around 6.5 to 7 seconds, so the place to start is a full health check and service. Check compression check fuel rail pressure. If both are in speck then a full service all filters plugs coil packs etc. Then off to a rolling road then you will have a base line and know if any horses have escaped, an engine ECU tune on a normally aspirated engine will give around 10%+ HP so that could bring it up to 230+ bhp. 

Beyond that it is the traditional route of Inlet and Exhaust upgrades or if your after more Cams head mods etc.

Remember more power = more speed so don't ignore Brakes Suspension and Tyres.


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