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Bmw recall


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Hi all I am new here so hello to everyone 

I just have a question 

On Sunday my car had a blip like thing happen the lights went out on dash while driving only for  a second 

But after that I have no power windows or mirrors no dash lights or high beam

So I stopped called rac who found fault to be the frm

So the car is parked at work waiting for me to get it fixed

Anyway yesterday I received a recall letter from bmw about battery cable and it says that it causes blips with power

I am wondering I'd this could have caused the failure of the frm 

Has anyone else had a recall letter and had any similar problems 

I no if it is not that its gonna cost me a small fortune to fix

Thank you 

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Morning Steven

Welcome to the Forum

If you have received a recall letter I would follow it up with your nearest Dealer and explain what has happened, make sure they know it was a Diagnostic by the RAC that points to the FRM.

Also check onine for any information that may point to others having a similar issue, I suspect your not alone.


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