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2010 325i SE firmware upgrade


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I just brought a 200 325i SE which I am pretty happy with and i checked BMW's web site for firmware updates. I put in my VIN & it downloaded a binary. Put binary on nice clean USB drive and inserted same into the USB port. Looked for "Software Update" on I Drive.... and the option is not there. What am I doing wrong (if anything) ?

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Right. The menu system is in the list style rather than the four boxes so I guess this means that I have a CIC system rather than a CCC. Is this right ? Does this get us any further forward ?   🙂  I still have no Software Update option however  and simply putting the update on CD did not help. 🙂

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38 minutes ago, Greydog said:

I guess you have checked Youtube and Google for tips and hints? Check www,realoem.com if you haven't put the last 7 digits of your Vin into the search box it will bring up your model see what was fitted. 


Thanks Dave but that does not seem to tell me anything I had not already found out  😞l

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