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  1. I have seen elsewhere that BMW do an ashtray to glasses box conversion for the front ashtray. Has anyone found a DIY way to do this ? Yes, I could give BM some cash but I would prefer a "custom" solution. 🙂
  2. Thanks. as you say, close - but no cigar 🙂 Happy Christmas all.
  3. I have searched their web sites (UK & USA). I am waiting for an e-mail reply too. Seasonal felicitations
  4. To be honest, no. I am after an Owner's Handbook. I HAVE a Haynes manual 🙂
  5. I have searched and I have Googled but I can't find a copy (either free or paid for, PDF or dead tree) of the owner's handbook for my 2010 325i SE convertible (UK version prefered but beggars can't be choosers). I can get near, but no cigar. Anyone know where I can find such a thing ? I would be happy to host a torrent on our work server if anyone has.
  6. On a slightly different note I updated the nav maps to 2021 with no trouble at all 🙂
  7. The binary I downloaded is UPD01008.bin
  8. Thanks Dave but that does not seem to tell me anything I had not already found out 😞l
  9. Right. The menu system is in the list style rather than the four boxes so I guess this means that I have a CIC system rather than a CCC. Is this right ? Does this get us any further forward ? 🙂 I still have no Software Update option however and simply putting the update on CD did not help. 🙂
  10. For information I have a CCC head which MAY be a problem. I wonder what would happen if I burn the binary to a CD ?
  11. I just brought a 200 325i SE which I am pretty happy with and i checked BMW's web site for firmware updates. I put in my VIN & it downloaded a binary. Put binary on nice clean USB drive and inserted same into the USB port. Looked for "Software Update" on I Drive.... and the option is not there. What am I doing wrong (if anything) ?
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