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Wheel rims X6 E53 2006

Gary Lee

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I'm a newbie so forgive me if dozens of people have asked similar questions.

I've had the car a few months and its been great so far, so thought its time to tidy up.

The standard 17" type 130 rims are great but have lived a hard life by the coast and need refurb quite badly.

Looking at costs made me consider upgrading size.

For not a lot more layout i have seen a set of Range Rover L405 Vogue 20" style 5002 rims and tyres. The seller does not think they will fit but I have had  quick look at the www.wheel-size.com site (which seems pretty comprehensive).

This seems to say the Range Rover is probably similar in size.

Centre bore 72.6; PCD 5x120; Lug Nuts 14x1.5 are exactly as the X5.

The X5 17" offset is ET40, but a 19" could be ET48 according to the wheel size site.

The Range Rover seems to be ET47.

In my mind this seems to imply a good fit for purpose, like for like, replacement. 

I am not mechanically gifted in any way so any advice please. will they fit or am I missing something?

On another purely aesthetic point are they too much and should I stick to the essence of the original design?

As another aside will it affect ride unduly?

Thanks for reading.

Gary Lee 











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Morning Gary

Welcome to the Forum

Don't worry about the typo 😄 E70 and X6 wheels will fit an X5 E53 just need spigot rings obviously it wont work the other way around 😄

Never seen RR wheels on an X5 before check www.realoem.com (it is a BMW online parts list) either search for your model or put your Vin (last 7 digits) in the search box it will bring up your model then check wheel section to check bore and offset against what your looking at.

The only thing to take care of is if running a staggered wheel set (wider rear wheels) that you make sure the rolling radius front rear is as specified or transmission wind up and damage is likely. This applies to all AWD cars not just X5's




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Thanks Dave,

Yep, Centre Bore and PCD match the X5 wheels.

The offset is ET40 on the existing wheels and ET47 on the RR wheels.

As far as I can see 19" aftermarket wheels for the X5 are spec'd at ET48.

Does this mean ET47 is OK?

Also any opinions on looks. Pic of X5 with existing 17" and of proposed 20" wheels attached. What does anyone think?








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Hi Gary

My Summer 20" type 87 wheels are ET45 Front running 275x40x20 102W ET30 Rear running 315x35x20 106W

My Winter wheels are ET48 18" running 255x55x18 105H all round.

I think you will be fine and the RR wheels will give it an individual look. As the RR L322 and the X5 shared so many parts across the two ranges. Many X5 owners who run square wheel sets fit spacers at the rear to fill the arches I have never bothered when the winters are on.



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Thanks all,

Just to close out. 20" Range Rover Vogue wheels fit the X5 E53 fine and look OK. Just needed a new set of wheel nuts (RR to BMW convertor set M14 x 1.5).

Wheels and nuts worked out about the same price overall as refurbing to original 17" was going to, and got a decent set of tyres in the bargain.

Probably going to have to find a spare next.

See you.


Gary Lee


X5 new wheels (4).jpg

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Morning Gary 

They look great don't they, bet your chuffed.

As for a spare check the rolling radius of your existing 17" spare (or one that has just been removed) 17" were the original choice of spare on the E53. Make a small chalk mark at the bottom of your roadwheel and the road, roll the car forward 1 revolution and mark the road then do the same with your spare if the calk marks line up you already have your spare. I still have the spare wheel (17") from my first 4.4 X5 sitting in the garage unused, the car came with a staggered set of 19" wheels the spare was 17" so worth checking.

My 4.6 runs 20" wheels and has a skinny bicycle wheel spare that only comes out when I am working/checking on something in the boot. I carry a small compressor and tyre goo in case of problems.



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