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Hi Richard

Welcome to the Forum

Have you had an issue with Regeneration? The process should manage it's self normally a couple of good blasts 30 min to an hour once or twice a month should trigger it.

If your normal journey cycle is short trips then the EGR and DPF can start to soot up, cleaning the EGR and a few good runs will normally do the job.

What ever the connection method Bluetooth (ELM) or Cable you will need either a Diagnostic program on a tablet/laptop or a Dedicated diagnostic tool 

There are now several alternatives that are BMW capable Foxwell, iCarsoft, Carly for BMW (this one is a subscription system) or Software for Tablet/Laptop such as INPA/ISTA or Pa Soft

As the old saying goes "we pay our money and make our choice" personal choice for your model INPA/ISTA or latest PA Soft


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Hi dave.  Thanks.

I've had issues in the past with 2 x hondas and 1 x rav 4 .  I had the last honda remapped and then it ran 4 years with no issues at all. I've had 2 x bmw  petrol previously many years ago.   So thought I'd try bmw again but I've now read about issues with bmw as well on regeneration.  I don't do a lot of miles but I do like luxury driving.   Hence the x4 .  I just want to avoid or negate any problems before/if they happen . I've had my bmw 8 weeks,  so far  it's  been great .  But I'd like to know beforehand if an issue is building up with the dpf/regeneration and how to clear it.  Your reply is very helpful,  I had seen the carly app and thought paying for that over 3 years subscription I may as well get it remapped and be done with it.  Or try another obd with bimmercode,  hence my questions on here. Also I like the idea of changing settings to how I want them ( not engine ) so I'd like to go down the bimmercode route initially with a Bluetooth type obd connection for bimmercode.   What would be your recommendation 🤔.   Thanks again for your help and any information much appreciated. Cheers. 

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Morning Richard

My brother inlaw runs 5 series touring he is now on his 4th, all have been diesel 530 or 535 all have been ECU tuned. He has a lot of business in Europe so travels there extensively (so he has very few short journeys) all his cars have been Main Dealer serviced (so the will accept them as trade in for the next) and intermediate service's and tinkering on my drive by the time his cars are 3 or 4 years old they are over or close to 200k. Current car is at 150+ and has enough grunt to scare the pants off Porsche drivers if he feels playful (which is often) We have cleaned/changed EGR valves on all the cars we removed the swirl flaps on the first two due to them causing issues but he has never had a DPF problem. They visit regularly and we always run a scan as he hates the thought of something lurking unseen, we have changed option settings to how he likes it on his first one the Dealer told him it couldn't be done unless factory fitted or they would need the car for a few days?? It is a check box exercise in the program? On my X5 I added a small circuit to the door mirrors so they close on lock and open on unlock, as his 5 series was basically the same we did it to his drove the Dealer mad as it was the only 5 series he had seen with that function 😅

Most of the Bluetooth OBD connections are ELM 352 I think (google should help) as said I already have a set up which uses a wired connection so how good they are I cant comment. Bimmer code should be fine I haven't used it but have read articles that show many have success with it.



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