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Dashboard warning lights

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I have a 2011 X3 with 165000 on the clock. Every so often I get warning lights saying :

tyre pressure monitoring failure

handbrake failure

brake failure

they all come on at once but make no difference to the ride of the car. I cancel the lights and drive on as if nothing had happened and no lights had come on ie the brakes are fine, the handbrake hasn’t failed. Ive owned this car for 2 years and it happens every couple of weeks or so. Ive taken it to different mechanics to try to get to the bottom of it but no one seems to know what it is. Anyone have the same problem ?

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Hi Spencer

I did read about a failed or failing tyre pressure module causing issues like this

A code read should confirm what the cause actually is


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Battery ? Once they get a little bit low, they tend to throw warning lights for a laugh. Do they come on after starting from cold? Do they stay off after a long drive? 

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