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  1. I have a 2011 X3 with 165000 on the clock. Every so often I get warning lights saying : tyre pressure monitoring failure handbrake failure brake failure they all come on at once but make no difference to the ride of the car. I cancel the lights and drive on as if nothing had happened and no lights had come on ie the brakes are fine, the handbrake hasn’t failed. Ive owned this car for 2 years and it happens every couple of weeks or so. Ive taken it to different mechanics to try to get to the bottom of it but no one seems to know what it is. Anyone have the same problem ?
  2. Getting quoted £180 from BMW. Can’t buy just this button, have to buy the complete set for both sides of the steering wheel. It would be cheaper to buy a new wheel from ebay and put that on. Now going to look at the possibility of changing this button with the button that controls the volume on the radio. That one is in good condition and I wont use it as often as the cruise button
  3. Thanks very much, i’ll Do that. I have the vin and seem to think there is a way of finding out the spec of the car but i dont know which site to use
  4. Hello everyone, first post. Ive just bought a 2011 X3 2.0 xdrive with 156000 miles the clock. My question is about the cruise button that has clearly had a lot of use and the rubber on the button (that you use to increase or decrease the speed) is split and needs replacing. Has anyone replaced that button? Was it easy to do? where can i buy a replacement button?
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