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Mr Aldis

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Hi Aldis

Welcome to the Forum

I was under the impression that the flaps in the radiator shrouds around the Auxiliary Fan (Front) and Engine or Electric fan (Engine bay) are just hinged and open with air flow when the car is moving.

If you have Auxiliary heating there should be another small rad in the Wheel arch.



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Dave im not sure that is correct. I remember commanding the flaps to open with my diagnostic equipment on either my F11 or an E90 (cant remember which at the time), so it must have a motor or actuator of some description on an 2009 X5.

Aldis, have you access to an diagnostic program that you can try command it to open? if not have a look for fuses and a motor/actuator and check the wiring. Maybe someone here will have a wiring diagram that might help. 

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Hi T-con  Aldis

IIRC active radiator flaps were an Extreme Climate fitting (could be wrong so I will claim OLD BLOKE amnesia) when they were fitted they were a PITA they either failed open so often not noticed or closed in which case the fans running sounded like you were about to go for take off. I have also seen vacuum operated rad blinds in Canada

They were vacuum operated from a solenoid tucked away under the manifold and linked to the thermostats not sure on the diesel but if memory serves you have 3 on your car Main Thermostat, lower rad thermostat and the EGR thermostat. If the vacuum operated flaps are fitted a failed vacuum actuator, cracked split vacuum pipe, failed sticking solenoid or a failure of any of the thermostats will cause a problem

Just didn't realise they were fitted to UK spec cars, lucky you Aldis as said they could be a real PITA


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Hi Guys

I stand corrected just checked the oracle active flaps were fitted 

For vehicles with
CO2 package
Active steering
Increased towing capability
Towing hitch, detachable
Chassis & suspens. setup"Adaptive Drive"
Active cruise control+Stop&Go function
Cold-climate version









There was also a Hot Climate version 

Every day is a school day 


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