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Do I buy 728 Sport 735i or 740i or a individual

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Hi all just joined as I’m in the market for a 7 series e38 for my 40th,,,  

i just can not decide whether or not to buy the dream 740i or play safe 728i????    have done lots of reading up and have narrowed it down to the face-lift year 99-01 i have found 2 cars that i like but i just can’t decide.. i have always waned the v8 but am scared of a Brakedown and the costs it carries.  £6000 for a beautiful red 728i sport with all back trim  Or £7000 for a crunch grabbing blue V8 with cream and black trim.  Both FSH no faults 96k on the clock.   Or 735i v8?????  
Please help me decide or point me in the right direction.   Thank you





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Hi Aaron

Welcome to the Forum

What a dilemma, 

The BMW straight 6 tough as a tough thing but only with the correct maintenance, so with a car like the 7 history is paramount plus make sure all accessories and controls work as they should.

The V8 is a good engine often misunderstood but again maintenance is critical plus some additional often overlooked items like the chain tensioner (I change mine every 20k) My used hard X5 4.6is is at 156k  (he said tempting fate)

So history history history and once in your possession over maintaining is better than none, check when the gearbox was serviced last (obviously all changes should be smooth and seamless) any jerks or lurches walk away 

I would expect running cost to be similar as the 6 will work a little harder to pull the 7 around, service costs brakes tyres etc will again be very similar.

My personal choice the V8 or if you can find one without more miles than the Star Ship Enterprise the 3.0d was a gem

Hope this Helps not Hinders


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