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  1. What is a safer buy i6 or V8. What’s more likely to give me problems
  2. Hi all just joined as I’m in the market for a 7 series e38 for my 40th,,, i just can not decide whether or not to buy the dream 740i or play safe 728i???? have done lots of reading up and have narrowed it down to the face-lift year 99-01 i have found 2 cars that i like but i just can’t decide.. i have always waned the v8 but am scared of a Brakedown and the costs it carries. £6000 for a beautiful red 728i sport with all back trim Or £7000 for a crunch grabbing blue V8 with cream and black trim. Both FSH no faults 96k on the clock. Or 735i v8????? Please help me decide or poi
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