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Hi guys. Just wondering if any one can help please. I was left this car by my mum who unfortunately passed. I don't have a clue about bmw's and looking to sell just don't have a clue what they go for if anyone can help that's would be much appreciated. Thank you it won't let me upload pictures unfortunately 

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It's a BMW forum, we'll probably all just tell you to keep it and sell your other car -- however, no one can answer that question without more information about the car.  At a minimum, the model year and the 3 digit number and any letters on the back of the car and the number of doors it has.  Also, if it has "//M" on it anywhere, that raises the price up quite a bit.  

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I'm an idiot, i see you posted all the information in your post subject.  Is it better or worse than your current car?  I'm assuming quite a bit older?  I don't know UK prices but it would go for about $2000 to $3000 here, depending on condition

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