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Hi and happy new year to all, More problems with my 2008 x3, gawd, I hate this car and if the wife didn't like it it'd be long gone!!!.

So now I appear to have a slight oil drip from the engine bay, I cannot actually see the leak, but it appears to be from the oil filler, this appears to be a common problem om BMWs???

My car has a 2.0 N47 diesel, and this looks like a right pain to remove the oil filler and replace the gasket, Has anybody done this job with the N47 engine? any tips would be welcome. 

So far I have had to replace the turbo ( twice ) and fit a new gearbox, this car would be costing an absolute fortune if I had to be using a dealer. Not impressed!!!, 

Mind, I do have a BMW bike which I quite like!!!!.

Thanks for any information received.

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Hi John

The BMW remote filter system is a common source of leaks normally the "O" ring under the screw cap is the culprit very rarely renewed even by Dealers. I always use OEM Mann Filters after having an after market one break up in the housing, now that was a royal PITA to get all the bits out.

Happy New Year Good Luck


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