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  1. Hi and happy new year to all, More problems with my 2008 x3, gawd, I hate this car and if the wife didn't like it it'd be long gone!!!. So now I appear to have a slight oil drip from the engine bay, I cannot actually see the leak, but it appears to be from the oil filler, this appears to be a common problem om BMWs??? My car has a 2.0 N47 diesel, and this looks like a right pain to remove the oil filler and replace the gasket, Has anybody done this job with the N47 engine? any tips would be welcome. So far I have had to replace the turbo ( twice ) and fit a new gearbox, this ca
  2. Hi, I have a problem with my auto box on my 2008 x3, when driving, not necessarily fast or hard, as it changes from 5th to 6th gear it just looses all power and drops into neutral? I then have to stop the car, turn off the engine, restart and all seems to be OK again until the next time (maybe minutes or days ) If I run the car in 'manual' and keep it in 5th it seems better. I have changed the oil in the transmission, I am leaning towards solenoid problems, unfortunatly my gearbox is a ZF6HP 21X, and everything seems to be dearer for this gearbox. Is there any way to tell which
  3. Hello Dave, you are correct, it is a 6 speed box, when I changed the fluid I did use the correct BMW fluid, and I am sure that it had not been changed previously as I have had the car for some years. I do like the car, I am lucky that I can do most of the repairs myself, as I am sure that I wouldn't like it as much if I had to pay BMW to do the repairs, including turbo change, transfer case actuator etc.
  4. Hi all, this is my first post, so hopefully get some responses. We have a 2008 x3, 2,0 diesel, with a ZF auto 5 speed g/box. it seems a bit 'lumpy' sometimes changing gear. Sometimes it jumps out of gear, seems to be when changing up 3rd to 4th or 4th to 5th gear. the car looses drive and the warning light comes on (yellow ) if we stop the car, put back into park and restart the engine all is fine again, until it happens again, sometimes next day, sometimes 1 week??? I changed the gearbox oil ( at great expense !!!! ) hoping this would solve it, but it didn't. Any sug
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