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Morning John

Depending on which model you a remap can make a huge difference or not a lot. If you have the 4.8 normally aspirated petrol engine then around 5 to 10% increase in power. Forced induction 3.0d (turbo charged) respond better with up to 30%+ increases in HP and Torque with just a re-map

Remember the engine needs to be in good condition prior to tuning or you are wasting your hard earned. If the engine and turbo are in good condition and well maintained then with other changes Induction and exhaust huge outputs can be reached

Just make sure you (A) find a reputable tuner, not one who just remaps and goes without checking the engine is fit for tuning. Get references. (B) If you can get your car on a rolling road (not easy with a 4x4) so you have a before and after comparison.

BW Chip tuning in Uxbridge had a very good reputation with BMW's (never used them but read great things)

Good Luck


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The problem with a remap is that it’s permanent (unless you pay to get original map back). This can cause issues with warranties, etc. OR you might not like it.

I have used Bluefin on lots of different cars. Superchips always err on the side of caution and do not promise massive gains. That said my gained 60 hp.

With Bluefin, you have a hand held device which plugs into the OBD2 port. It transfers the modified map and leaves your original on the handset should you ever wish to go back:



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