2006 650i Rattle

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Hey guys,

Still quite new here but i need some help trying to diagnose a rattle.

Video is attached so you guys can hear the sound also. 

Sounds tinny like a heat shield/exhaust but when i have had it on a ramp none of that seems loose. Hoping its not something to do with the gearbox but im unsure.

Has anyone on here had this same sound or any ideas for me to look in to?

It only happens when im slowing down coming to a stop ie traffic lights or when im going slow say through a drive thru (who doesnt love a drive thru right). Does it when i come to a stop and also sounds in reverse - as in the video. One of these annoying intermittent noises also, does not do it every time which makes it so much harder to fault!

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.




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Morning Jonathon

I did read some time ago where people got the "rattle" it seemed to be CAT related when temperatures were low and before the car warmed up. But as yours is warm and slowing down? 

How many miles? Has the gearbox been serviced? A good autobox/ZF centre should be able to tell you if it is Torque converter noise.

Let us know the result


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