engine code p0366

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hi all new to the website finally own my first bimmer


OK here goes it says its the exhaust cam sensor i changed it today reset the fault codes and law and behold 2 mins later its back now ive read some stuff that it could be oil getting into the connectors wire has snapped on the loom and even maybe a missing tooth on camshaft wheel?

Bascially what the best plan of action i can take ive ordered some electical cleaner because the rocker has been leaking so it might be oil?

where would i start checking the cables?

and obviously garage job for the sprocket  i got some other issue like radiator not coming on heared engine get hot but rad fan cshould come on around 105?

and the diffy is noisy so i do that myself 

any help would be great

for got to mention  320i es e90 n46

and i swapped the inlet and outlet sensor and it stays the same possible? timing slip?

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The code is a Generic OBD code which can often identify the symptom but not necessarily the cause.You really need a BMW Diagnostic tool that can narrow down the search. 

What general condition is your engine, was it running well smoothly before?

What mileage has it covered?

As you have swapped sensors and the issue remains have you checked the Vanos solenoid on that camshaft? It's job is to advance and !Removed! the cam if the cam is out of position that could be your culprit. A missing tooth while not impossible I would doubt,.have you done any other work that may have triggered the fault code

My starting position would be fix the other issues leaks, cooling etc then either by a BMW specific diagnostic tool (Carly, BMW 1.4.0, INPA, etc) or find a good Independent that has them. Without it you could throw a lot of money at the problem in parts and labour in the hope of fixing it.


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