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I'm brand new on this forum and would appreciate some advice. I currently run an E46 325ci of 2002 vintage. It's only done 80k and runs like a dream. We have a new grandbaby and the thought of lifting a baby seat into the back seats of a two door car with enormous doors is not an ideal proposition! I have seen a 2013 320d Xdrive tourer for sale at a reasonable price, with under 50k on the clock. Four wheel drive sounds like an attractive deal and the around town consumption is bound to be at least twice what I'm getting out of the 325!  

Has anyone had good/bad experiences with this particular layout and is there anything I should look out for. The 320d is for sale via a fairly large dealer who is going to offer a 3/6 month warranty. Thanks :)

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Morning Peter and Welcome

X drive is BMW's version of all wheel drive, it doesn't matter which Marque or manufacturer you chose every 4x4 or all wheel drive can be problematic mainly if odd or wrongly sized tyres are fitted. My X5 (2003 Vintage) has covered 140+k quite a lot towing a horse box and while there have been many "problems" there have been none with the Xdrive system. I did at one tyre change have signs of transmission wind up but with the help of my local tyre fitter we sorted the issue. My car has a staggered wheel set up (wider rear tyres) and the tyres front and rear were from the same manufacturer but had different rolling radius causing the issue.

So to answer your point, Xdrive as fitted to 320d your looking at is pretty tough, BMW recommend * rated tyres to ensure transmission wind up doesn't occur. Also the car your looking at has a "Square" set up same size front and rear which reduces the chance of rolling radius issues even if non approved tyres are fitted. Check the tyres are (a) all approved ^ rated on the side wall and (b) wear is even and they have plenty of life in them. I average around 25k on a set of tyres I also have 4 wheel alignment checked/adjusted as part of the annual service/MOT which keeps everything pointing the same way (hopefully)

To sum up Xdrive is a 4x4 system that is permanently engaged it sorts out where torque is needed without the driver having to think about it. Great in all weathers and conditions and like most 4x4 systems will last the life of the car if maintained and not abused.


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