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I am a newbie to the site so please excuse any breaches of etiquette. I have a 2012 BMW 640D Convertibe with a damaged engine after £88k miles (big end, crankshaft or piston failure suspected – it’s making a terrible noise). The car has been serviced religiously. Lucky me.

I have purchased a new engine for the car from a breakers. Not cheap but only done 3,200 warrantied miles and has come with loads of extras, turbo, injectors, basically every ancillary engine part.

After initially agreeing to the job my local garage is now unable to carry out the replacement because their diagnostics aren’t up to the job of talking to the car and completing the various coding tasks.

So I am looking for recommendations please. The car is my pride and joy and I really want the job done right. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I am located in Fife in Scotland.



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Hi David.....welcome to the Club

I suppose if the garage were to keep all the original ancillaries (including injectors) and move them across to the new engine then nothing will need coding in after replacement.

Let us know how this unfolds, good luck with it all

Cheers,   Trevor

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