In need of help with 2004 645ci

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Hello everyone. I trying to find out if anyone has a diagram of the front steering & a parts breakdown. I recently purchased my 04' 645ci & when changing a headlight bulb I noticed the black rubber skid plate hanging a little. After a closer look I found something connected to part of the steering was hanging and the bottom piece of it was broken. So now I am trying to find out what the part is so I can replace it. 



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Hi Kevin

Have a look at it's a BMW Parts Web site it will give you diagrams and part numbers. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin in and it will bring up the build for your model plus any options.

The part hanging down looks like it may be the roll bar mounting, do you get knocking from the front end?  On realoem the roll bar will be shown as part of the suspension steering will have its own section.

I would guess that someone has unbolted it for some reason and not put it back??? not a part that comes loose on it's own but on the plus side a simple and fairly economical fix providing nothing is bent or broken.



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I agree with Dave's diagnosis...looks like the Anti-Roll Bar mounting bracket and if the threaded holes are clear then it may just be a case of running some new bolts in and tightening it down....should noticeably handle a lot better afterwards.

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